St. Petersburg

Highlighted Historic Neighborhoods


Downtown St. Petersburg is the perfect place to work, live, and play. Over the past decade St. Pete. has become the perfect destination for art lovers, foodies, shoppers, and urban dwellers. The city has much to offer historically, visually, and aesthetically.


The city's architecture is eclectic and stunning. Steeped in history and nearly 100 years apart, structures like the post office built in 1916 and the famed Salvador Dali Museum, redesigned by architect Weymouth in 2011, are examples of St. Pete.'s striking architectural design.


Art galleries and pottery studios dot the city as well offering glass sculptures, water and oil paintings, and historical artifacts. Many galleries hold art from famous world-known artists and others hold equally appealing local art on display and for purchase.


There are beautiful parks disbursed throughout the city and along the coastline. Famed St. Petersburg Beach is only a 15 drive from downtown and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. North Straub Park is along the coastline in downtown, and it offers warm grassy areas to enjoy year round markets and concerts.


Just a short walk through downtown provides professional theater stages, antique shops, and many cozy coffee houses that will delight and satisfy any desire. There are restaurants that offer extraordinary five star full course cuisine in modern new buildings, tapas (small bite plates) and gooey grilled sandwiches served diner-style and nestled in historic buildings, and there are even hot dog carts situated on bustling corners serving up a perfectly cooked dogs with all the fixings.


Allendale & Allendale Terrace

Allendale and Allendale Terrace were developed by Cade B. Allen between 1916- 1925. Allen was a visionary who moved to Florida from his native New York, after reading about the health benefits of living on the Pinellas Peninsula. His trade was brick masonry, and he understood the value of a home built with quality products and professional craftsmanship. Allen also began a real estate business with an office on Central Avenue, and he was often seen riding around St. Petersburg with a placard attached to his car stating he was “The Man with the Bargains,” or “We Sell Climate, with A Little Bit of Sand Thrown In!”


Allen started out with a dairy farm near Cresent Lake between 4th and 5th streets, which he purchased from the Snell family. On this property stood a two-story residence with the address 1492 4th Street N. After some remodeling, the Allen family moved into the residence. Today, in 2018, this historical home still bears the same address, and the residence houses Three Birds Tavern. In 1922 or 1923, he sold the dairy farm acreage to purchase 135 acres in North St. Petersburg to develop Allendale and Allendale Terrace.


This neighborhood is rich with the history of Old Florida. From the brick paved streets, the double deep porches, to the majestic brick and marble homes designed and built by the neighborhood's founder Cade B. Allen, this area of St. Petersburg is inviting and attractive. Its proximity to the interstate and the arts and entertainment of downtown are perks of living in Allendale or Allendale Terrace.


Crescent Heights & Crescent Lake

These neighborhoods include beautifully designed streets with homes built between the 1920's and the 1940's, when Florida experienced an economic boom. When the rest of the country was in an economic decline, Florida enjoyed increasing numbers of tourists and re-locators. The Crescent Heights and Crescent Lake areas have a lot to offer and appeal to a wide range of individuals and families alike.


The majority of the homes built in this popular St. Petersburg area are architecturally Frame Vernacular, but also include Bungalow/Craftsman, Mediterranean Revival, and Dutch Colonial Revival, to name a few. Most have porches that face the street and a free standing garage towards the rear of the property. Many of these garages are no longer used as such, but have been converted to apartments to allow for a multifamily residence on what was once a single family lot.


The tree lined streets, along with the wide front porches, permit and encourage pedestrian traffic. These features create a relaxing and naturally beautiful community where one can enjoy long strolls or relaxing days in the shade. The area is also ripe with cafes, bookstores, antique shops, and restaurants all along Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd (9th St.) and 4th Street.


Crescent Lake Park was the idea of real estate developer C. Perry Snell, who owned the land. He had the foresight to hold the parcels of land until the city could purchase it as a designated community park. The park opened in 1927, and adds to the beauty and appeal of the residential areas that make up Crescent Heights and Crescent Lake.


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